söndag 25 september 2011

Nerd alert

Today a friend and I went to Akihabara. We had nothing planned, so we just strolled around and checked out a few shops. I think looking at anime figurines is my new hobby :)

I like how the escalators look like hamster tubes :)

I've also been to Nakano Broadway, a mall where they mostly sell nerd stuff, for three days in a row this weekend. I've been wanting to check it out since a friend at home told me about it, so I decided to go there on Friday. However, I got there a little late and didn't have time to look around properly, so I went back on Saturday. There were so many things I wanted but I resisted the urge to buy them and I'm quite proud of myself. There were a couple of posters of NEWS (a group I like) that I really wanted though so I went to withdraw money. Then it turned out that none of the ATMs I tried accepted my card, even though it cleary stated they should. Fortunately I found an ATM today that worked so I got back to Nakano after the trip to Akihabara and bought the posters. Apart from the anime/manga stuff the mall has a couple of great idol shops with loads of second hand goods. Happy :)

Here are some pictures. The first two are of Nakano Sun Mall, which is just next to Nakano Broadway.

The following are of Nakano Broadway. The mall itself is not the most flashy place ever, but the shops are great :) Half of the mall is probably made up of different Mandarake shops, where they sell all kinds of second hand nerd stuff.   

I also took a walk around the area, and there are loads of cozy, small streets just next to the mall with lots of places to eat.


End of post, hope you enjoyed :) Tomorrow our lessons start, wish me luck!

onsdag 21 september 2011

First post

So, title says it all. I’ll try my best at this blogging thing so be nice, okay?

It’s been a little more than two weeks since I arrived in Tokyo, and so far everything’s good. The dormitory and my room are nice (there will be pictures when I’ve tidied it up a bit) and the other students I’ve met seem nice. Classes don’t start until the 26th, so except for a few orientation meetings at school we’ve had plenty of time to just do whatever we want. I’ve been around to a few places, meeting friends, nothing special really but it’s been a lot of fun. However, I’m looking forward to Monday just to get some structure in life :)
Here are some pictures from places I've been the past weeks. Sorry about them not being so good, but I'm not a photographer :) Anyway, first up is Asakusa, with the Tokyo Sky Tree (which this blog is named after). I really want to go up there once it opens.


I also went to Meiji Jinguu, a shrine in Harajuku, for the first time. It was really calm and peaceful, despite it being in the middle of Tokyo. I liked it very much. Some pictures:

So, these are some of the places I've been so far.

Finally, just a note on the weather. It's been really hot and humid, and I still haven't gotten used to it. However, Japan is currently hit by a typhoon, so yesterday was quite cool and it rained a bit, much like Swedish summer :) Today the typhoon is apparently much closer, because it's full storm outside. Hopefully it'll pass by quickly. 

I'll try to update as often as possible, but seeing as it took me two weeks to write anything at all I'll make no promises. And I'll try to make funnier posts..