torsdag 29 december 2011

Wasedasai 2011

Wasedasai is Waseda University's annual school festival, and were held a weekend in the beginning of November. Most school clubs and circles are involved, either performing or holding exhibits, or selling food and drinks. There were all kinds of things going on around campus both Saturday and Sunday and it was a lot of fun. There were so many great performances and I have a lot of videos I'd like to upload but internet still won't let me, so I'll add them another time. Hopefully. However, I also have a lot of photos. The first one is of the opening ceremony, where some of the more prominent clubs took part, and which during the Waseda University songs were sung.

A stall selling fresh kiwi juice, which was super tasty :)

Some dance clubs and circles performing.

The two photos below are of Tokyo Hanabi, a yosakoi club. Yosakoi is a Japanese style of dance, and a new version of a traditional summer dance. Read more about it here. Tokyo Hanabi is one of two yosakoi clubs at Waseda, and every year they make their choreography as well as their costumes themselves around a new theme. They performed both days, and their performances was definitely among the ones I liked the most. Their routines and costumes were really cool, and everyone seemed to have so much fun. I'll definitely upload videos as soon as my internet allows me to.

The festival was open to everyone, and campus was crowded both days.

New Orleans Jazz Club.

Day two started off with a performance by Waseda's all male cheerleading squad Shockers. They seem to be really popular, and the queue outside the venue was long. 

And here they are! They did a few different routines, including their rendition of Pokémon :) Their performance was super good, and the audience really enjoyed it. I had two fangirls behind me all the time which was pretty amusing.  

After some other dance performances I checked out the festival's art museum, which was very nice. The exhibit included all kinds of works, from photographs and paintings to Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement.  

Waseda also has two photography circles, and both exhibited their works. I was convinced by a member of one circle to go have a look, and after that I felt the urge to check out the other exhibition too. I really liked a lot of the photos.

The day ended with the festival closing ceremony, which was a lot of fun. As you can see from the photo below there was a lot of people there. Before it started glow sticks were handed out, so the atmosphere was great. There was footage from the past two days shown on big screens, and a lot of the clubs collaborated and performed together. And as the festival begun, it ended with the Waseda songs :)

Finally, here's a link to the festival theme song, Kioku no haku (Box of memories) by azurite. This was the only song played between performances, and I came to like it a lot.

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  1. A real school festival! Urayamashii >w<
    My language school had some kind of festival as well, but obviously it wasn't even half as big and it was more of a tourist attraction with kimono tryouts, calligraphy and tasting Japanese foods and deserts. There was also a school play about some feudal Japanese character. But this seems awesome! Are you in any clubs?

  2. It was pretty awesome :)
    I'm not in any clubs or circles, but I think I'd like to join a circle when the spring semester starts. I hope there's a Johnny's circle or something :P